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At Quarry Nails Salon and Spa we strive to provide you with premium quality manicure, pedicure, waxing and facial services by using only the best  cosmetic and beauty products on the market along with expertise of our highly qualified technicians. We want you to enjoy your time at our luxurious and relaxing surroundings of Quarry Nails and always come back for more. Please let us know about your most recent experience and new service or product you would like us to feature as part of our Service Menu.

Choose Your Treatment



Polish color included

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Best for dry hands

Orange Burst


A refreshing treatment of natural orange and tangerine with hydrating aloe vera and eucalyptus oil

Milk & Honey


Intensive hydrating with Milk Proteins and Honey Extract

Certified Organic Green Tea


Enriched Argon Oil from Morocco deeply nourishes hands to replenish natural hydration

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Gel take off included


Gel take off included


For kids 10 and under

Enhanced polish to last longer

We have the largest selection of

gel colors in town

Fun styles for little Divas

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Cooling gel treatment for tired feet

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A Gentleman's Pedicure


Gel take off included


Gel take off included

Gentle treatment of lavender sugar scrub and moisturizing lavender mask in hot towels wrap followed by a 10 minute foot massage and polish color

Restoring treatment of green tea scrub to remove odor causing bacteria. Professional treatment to prevent in-grown toenails and leave feet looking and feeling great followed by a 10 minute foot massage

for stress relief

Certified organic treatment enriched with Argon Oil from Morocco deeply nourishes feet to replenish skin's natural hydration followed by a 10 minute foot massage and polish color

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Personalize your experience with our exclusive spa products, hot stone massage and reflexology. Choose your flavor.

Orange Burst


Refreshing burst of natural orange and tangerine with eucalyptus oil, aloe vera and chamomile extract

Lavender Treatment


Extensive hydration with Lavender sea

salt and mask

Honey and Milk


Shea butter and botanical extracts

for ultra-hydration

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Gel take off included


For kids 10 and under


21 herbs

Gentle sea salt scrub followed by moisturizing lavender mask in hot towels wrap followed by a 10 minute foot massage and polish color

A combination of 21 herbs will create an optimal environment for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience while conditioning and nurturing the skin

Fun styles for little Divas

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Face | Eye brows | Lip | Chin | Side-burn | Bikini | Brazilian | Arm | Leg | Chest/Back

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Quick  Set Lashes


A combination of natural and synthetic fiber to give a softer look and an increase in volume

Individual Lashes


Very natural, semi-permanent to give a thicker fuller look. Waterproof. We use FDA approved glues. Lashes last 3-4 weeks.

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